People Dynamics

HR Basic

Our HR Basic package will set you up with the basics to starting a great HR foundation. The pack includes:

  • Employment Contract;
  • Employee Handbook (company policies);
  • FREE Position Description template.


HR Plus

If you are looking for a little more than just the basics, our HR Plus package has all you need!

  • Employment Contract;
  • Employee Handbook (company policies);
  • HR Toolkit (HR procedures);
  • EEO Training;
  • Position Description Template;
  • FREE 1 hour consultation with one of our experienced consultants.


Audit package

Sometimes it is hard to know where you even need to start of what your business needs. Our Audit Package is designed to help you understand where your HR documentation is at, and what is needed to get it to where it needs to be.

Would suit your business if you:

  • Have bits and pieces of HR, including older contract (or no contract), some position descriptions, may have someone assigned to take care of HR internally or no HR;
  • Have out of date policies and procedures or just not sure if they are compliant;
  • Are fast growing and recruiting new people;
  • Want to know the ‘state’ of your HR and systems.


  • A full review of your current policies and procedures, contract and any other supporting HR documentation, including induction and exit processes;
  • Outline (one to two pages) on the results, including recommendations as to how these can be made compliant or improved;
  • Can be presented to Management Team or Board.


Recruitment Packages

Shortlisting +

One of the most time consuming part of the recruitment process is screening the hundreds of resume’s that you receive. Let us look after this for you and ensure you find exactly what you are looking for with our shortlisting + package.

This option would suit:

  • Those that want to save time and money (cheaper than end to end recruitment);
  • Those that don’t want to outsource the process completely and still want to be involved and take control of the final steps.


Basic Recruitment Package

To get you to the stage where you are presented with some great candidates and all you need to do is final interviews and making a decision, take up our great basic Recruitment Package.

This package includes the following:

  • Detailed brief;
  • Job advert & posting;
  • Screening applications;
  • Phone screening;
  • First interview;
  • FREE Induction of new staff member once they are on board.

Note: Profiling tools such as a McQuaig Job Survey and Word Survey are charged separately. Any additional hours will be charged at the standard hourly rate. 



Our retainer pack has you covered long term, giving you a dedicated HR Consultant for your business. Have us come onsite, send us an email or even give us a call!

As all businesses are different, our retainer structure is flexible but essentially you will get:

  • A set number of onsite and offsite hours for use per month for both a Consultant and a Director to work on tasks ranging from:
    • Employee inductions;
    • Management training;
    • Staff support;
    • Manager support and soundboard;
    • Organisation and updating of personnel files;
    • Reviewing and updating HR policies, procedures and other documents;
    • Updating and creating Position Descriptions and more!

Set hours per month will vary depending on the needs of your business (including the number of HR projects you are working on, number of staff etc) so we get in touch and we can provide you with a retainer pack customised for you!


Block of hours

If you are unsure what level of assistance you need with your HR, only require assistance on an ad-hoc basis or don’t feel like being locked into the retainer model, you can instead purchase a block of hours. To be used via email or phone, this option is most suitable for business that would like to know that they have the support there when needed.

The following blocks are available:

5 hour block: 4 hours HR Consultant – 1 hour HR Director.

10 hour block: 8 hours HR Consultant – 2 hours HR Director.

15 hour block: 13 hours HR Consultant – 2 hours HR Director.

Draw down on the hours as and when you need and always feel confident that you have sound and straight forward advice on the other end of the phone when needed.

Contact us about purchasing a pack today!