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HR Policies, Procedures and Training

For over 12 years we have been making businesses look good.  Stand out from the crowd, be professional and show you’re serious about your HR.

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Employment Contracts

Get peace of mind and reduce the risk to your business by implementing a new or updating your employment contracts. Whether you have one in place already or are starting from scratch we can provide with contracts that are:

  • Comprehensive;
  • Customised for your business;
  • Compliant – covering off on everything you need: National Employment Standards (NES), current modern awards and additional protective clauses such as pre-existing injuries and representation of skill;
  • Standard for every employee (simply define individual wages and hours using our Letter of Offer template);
  • Easily rolled out to all current and future staff.

Don’t muck around with having anything that you are not confident with. Call us (or email) to discuss – we will review any current documentation you may have and work with you on what would suit you best!


HR Policies (including Employee Handbook)

For over 12 years we have been making businesses look good.  Stand out from the crowd, be professional and show you’re serious about your HR.

We can provide you with clearly defined, legally ratified workplace policies, either in a comprehensive, ready to go Employee Handbook (customised) or as individual polices. Either way, they are designed to reduce your business risk and let staff know what is expected of them.

Be legally compliant

There are certain policies that need to be provided to staff in a written format and verbally communicated to staff. We can do both (scroll down to see our Training section)

Be proactive and avoid uncertainty or miscommunication before a situation arises!

Managing staff can be hard enough as it is. Without a clearly defined policy in place for areas such as social media, bullying and harassment, drugs and alcohol and the use of the internet for example having an issue arise which you aren’t covered for or prepared can leave you a an employer very much on the back foot and defending a claim without much protection.

Make sure all your staff are ‘on the same page’

Its important staff know what is expected of them. When people find themselves in a situation where they have done the wrong thing, a lot of the time it is because they were ignorant of the issue or had no understanding of the consequences, particularly in the areas of harassment. Make sure you avoid these situations as much as possible and be prepared. It saves a stressful situation becoming much worse.

Our comprehensive Handbook includes 26 policies such as:

  • Drugs and Alcohol;
  • Dress Code;
  • OH&S;
  • Use of Company Equipment (such as phone, internet and email use);
  • Social Media;
  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination, as set out in the Equal Opportunity Act VIC (2010)

Don’t worry – it’s not cumbersome! It is thorough enough to cover off on what you need it to, without becoming a dust collector.

Being proactive and having clearly defined policies in place is a good investment both in terms of your culture but also your obligations as an employer. It also makes you look good – both internally to staff and externally to suppliers, contractors and the like. Many of our clients say it has been key in winning tenders as well.

Call or email us for more information and a quote!!


HR Processes –‘Go to / Best Practice Guide’ (Tool Kit)

Designed to act as a reference guide and ‘go to’ resource for Managers across all areas of the business, the HR Toolkit outlines all HR procedures that Managers will encounter within their role. Included procedures manage the life cycle of the employee, from recruitment, induction, managing performance and exiting.

Create consistency in how HR related tasks are completed and empower your Managers with our thorough and easy to use HR Toolkit. The Toolkit includes:

  • HR Policies;
  • Procedures;
  • Checklists – practical applications to help with the management of HR tasks;
  • Flow Charts;

Make it easy for Managers to know what to do and get objectivity and consistency in the business – the Toolkit is fully customisable to your business and is our best practice guide.

Call or email us for more information and a quote!!



As accredited trainers, we can provide in-house, on site, customised training for managers and staff alike. We can run combined sessions which focus on issues relevant across the business (such as training in areas such as Sexual Harassment and Bullying) through to more specialised areas such as Industrial Relations training on the Fair Work Act and compliance issues pertaining to the Act. Check out a sample of our range:

Management Training:

Risk and HR Compliance issues

  • IR – Fair Work Act, Modern Awards
  • EEO
  • Other workplace issues

HR Training (‘how to….’)

  • Managing employee cycle (recruitment, induction, reviews, training and development, effective communication)
  • Engagement
  • Performance Management

Sessions generally range from 90 mins / 2 hours to half day workshops. Full Day workshops to facilitate strategic direction can also be provided.

Staff Training

EEO – Sexual Harassment and Bullying Training

Did you know that in order to meet your compliance obligations under Equal Opportunity Legislation you need to train your staff in this area?  Not many do, and this is where we can help.

Set clear expectations of behaviour to your staff, be proactive and reduce the risk and headache of dealing with bullying and sexual harassment complaints by having us conduct annual training with your team (both employee and manager sessions available).

Our sessions are:

  • customised to your business – including case studies and examples;
  • interactive – we encourage involvement to increase engagement and learning;
  • conducted onsite at your workplace;
  • all encompassing – covering off on sexual harassment, equal opportunity, discrimination, bullying, victimisation, social media and more!
  • sessions are 90 minutes long.

Staff information session on documentation (roll out of new or updated documentation i.e Employee Handbook and Contracts)

‘Fun, informative, interesting, comprehensive’ – these are all words that staff have used when describing our information sessions on documentation that we are rolling out to the business. With our vast experience and knowledge we can answer any questions staff may have in relation to conditions they are employed under or a particular policy or what the law says about various aspects relating to the workplace.

We use relevant case studies as well! Sessions are held onsite and run for between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours. We can even do the sessions via Skype.

Leadership Development

Providing mentoring and coaching for Managers and Leaders in your business is a key investment – not only does it increase an individual’s self-awareness, it gives them real tools and skills they can start applying immediately. We an accredited in a range of profiling tools and assessments and provide personalised, one on one sessions, usually over a three month period.

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Management Training

Upskill your managers and improve your bottom line with our great Management Training Program and / or invest in your leaders through our leadership programs.

Customised to the Manager’s level of experience, the training can be run for individuals or groups and will have your Managers skilled up on best practice running and management of HR procedures. Based around the key our HR Toolkit, Managers will learn how to effectively recruit, retain, motivate and manage their staff.

After completing our program, Managers will be able to:

  • Successfully recruit for vacant roles within the business, finding the most suitable candidate with ease;
  • Induct new employees into the business, completing all essential documents and tasks to ensure a smooth and successful transition;
  • Identify training and knowledge gaps and implement training plans; and
  • Understand how to effectively manage staff and workplace issues relating to poor performance and/or behaviour;

Leadership Programs

The most successful leaders have been shown to be those that know themselves; they understand their strengths and capabilities and where their capabilities lie, as well as where which areas they need to develop.

Utilising a number of psychometric assessments, (we are accredited assessors in Saville Wave, Genos Emotional Intelligence and McQuaig Institute) our leadership programs are holistic. Through our one on one sessions our programs are designed to help individuals achieve greater self-awareness, and subsequently increase leadership skills and capability.

Investing in leadership yields benefits. It:

  • Empowers Managers to deal with their own staff issues, increasing their confidence, accountability, and time and money spent reducing and dealing with ‘fires’ in the business
  • Allows you as the owner/GM to step back, allowing you to increase your focus and spend time on what you should be spending time on
  • Can be easily integrated with your current training and development plans
  • Reduces stress for Managers
  • Gives Managers the knowledge and tools to make decisions about staff and their performance / attitude
  • Shows your commitment to staff by investing in them (an expectation of many top performers)

Sessions are structured so participants are able to not only learn new skills, but also practise and apply these with reference to their own workplace and team. We can tailor programs to suit your business, your people (new or experienced managers) and best of all, your budget!

McQuaig Profiling Tool

Suitable for New and Experienced Managers


  • Highly accurate
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Administered on line – takes 20 minutes to complete
  • Provides extensive information broken down into easy to use and understand sections including:
    • Overall profile – strengths and areas of development
    • Selling style – preferences for prospecting, closing and winning new business
    • Leadership style – how like to manage and motivate team, including how to manage change, includes strengths and developmental areas
    • Learning style – great for training and development
    • Team style – what role they would take and how they like to work in a team environment
    • Strategies for Motivation
    • Dos and Don’ts – 1 – 2 pages of ‘gold’ for the individual’s immediate manager

Assess very quickly and accurately an individual’s personality / style and preferred way of behaving. Unlike some assessments, the McQuaig system provides ongoing development – it can be used in recruitment, and again at review time. The unique thing about the McQuaig tools, in particular the Word Survey is that it allows for a clear picture of if the individual is experiencing stresses on the job. The Word Survey has coaching and motivational guidelines as well that managers can use to help motivate and develop the individual through a list of Dos and Donts.

Profile a Manager, the individuals within a team (i.e. for that manager) or the whole business. Great to see where strengths and developmental areas exist individually and for teams. Profiles take 20minutes to do on line and can be used as a one off assessment or part of a coaching program.


Debriefs on the results take 90minutes initially and are followed by 3 x 60 min coaching sessions, usually monthly. Give us a call for more information and a quote.

Genos Emotional Intelligence

Suitable for New and Experienced Managers

EI / EQ (that is, how emotionally intelligent an individual is) has been shown as a more powerful predictor of Leadership capability than IQ. It is a very powerful tool for increasing an individual’s awareness and providing unique feedback opportunity in a ‘safe’ environment.


The Multi Rater Report gives an individual feedback on how well they are able to perceive, manage and handle their own emotions as well as others they come into contact with, and how they use these in decision making and the actions they chose to take. The feedback is anonymous and both quantitative and qualitative data is collated.

  • Genos EI provides holistic, 360 feedback – self rating, ratings from peers, managers, teams, suppliers, customers etc
  • EI is a learned skill – this means an individual can improve this capability over time, making it ideal as a coaching platform and levels of EI can be tracked and benchmarked
  • Psychometrically valid and reliable, administered online
  • Nominate staff, peers and managers to contribute (you can even nominate customers!)


Debriefs on the results take 90 minutes initially and are followed by 3 x 60 min coaching sessions, usually monthly. Give us a call for more information and a quote.

Saville Wave

Experienced Managers only

Motivate, empower and develop your leaders to be their shining best! The Saville Wave Professional Styles report is one of the best on the market, delving into 108 different facets of personality to provide a detailed assessment of a Leader’s traits and competencies. Debriefs and coaching sessions for these reports can only be given by an accredited specialist of which our Director, Laura Birley is one.

Saville is best used for Professionals and Managers and is a fantastic tool used for both coaching and recruitment.

Debriefs on the results take 90minutes initially and are followed by 3 x 60 min coaching sessions, usually monthly. Give us a call for more information and a quote.

Staff Management

Whether its advice you are after to deal with a specific employee issue, or you wish to check on employment conditions such as what awards you are covered by, clarify expectations and build accountability into roles this is the section to check out!

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Employment Contracts

Whether you have one in place already or are starting from scratch, you can get peace of mind and reduce the risk to your business by implementing new or updating your employment contracts.

Our Employment Contracts are:

  • comprehensive;
  • customised for your business ;
  • standard for every employee;
  • compliant – covering off on everything you need: National Employment Standards (NES), current modern awards and additional protective clauses such as pre-existing injuries and representation of skill;
  • easily rolled out to all current and future staff.

Position Descriptions (PDs)

Increase accountability, efficiency and productivity; get your PDs to really work for you.

We often find that many businesses are not effectively utilising tools at their fingertips such as PDs to manage their employees, which significantly impacts their productivity as well as staff engagement and satisfaction.

Clarify your expectations of employees in an objective way and have us develop PDs for your team. We like to make sure these are customised to your business and work for you. To do this we link the duties and responsibilities of the role with KPIs/measures for each task. This reduces uncertainty and builds greater accountability into performance allowing staff to be more focused, efficient and productive.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can develop PDs for your staff and learn how this can be a vital tool in managing performance.

Performance Reviews

Our Employee Performance Management System (EPMS) allows you to conduct performance reviews with your staff using your current Position Descriptions. EPMS is easy to use, all online and is tailored to your organisation.

The process is simple! Firstly both managers and employees fill out an identical appraisal form (online) which comments around targets, quality of work, quality and the values of the business. Then, the manager and employee meet to discuss their thoughts and comments about performance, as well as discussing developmental and training needs, job satisfaction and general feedback.

EPMS is a total performance management system with many great functions including:

  • Safe Documentation Storage – upload and store employee related documents;
  • Accessibility – can be done anywhere there is an internet connection 24/7;
  • Journal function – to be able to record details of events as they occur, making writing an appraisal a much more accurate assessment of the last 6 months;
  • Inbuilt reminders as to when appraisals are due; ‘set and forget’;
  • Different user levels allow security of the system;
  • Automatic collation of forms and storage – ability for managers and employees to rate individually, allowing the system to collate the forms together to form a completed appraisal post the discussion;
  • Meeting notes section to record details of the performance conversation;
  • Records conversations about career and professional development and the like;
  • Reporting available to track performance;
  • On the phone and face to face support, with fast response times.

Book a free demo with us today! Call (03) 9077 4870.

Modern Award Research

Navigating our confusing and complicated Industrial Awards framework can not only be difficult, but can also be confusing and time consuming. Let us take the hassle out of understanding the minefield that is Modern Awards, get peace of mind that you are not breaching the minimum entitlements and other provisions and have us conduct this research and analysis for you.

We can provide you with just the basics, or do a full blown remuneration analysis – whatever you needs; we will tailor this to you!

Award research and analysis can include:

  • Examining and determining what Modern Award and classifications staff fall under;
  • The relevant minimum wage entitlements as well as allowances and other applicable provisions within the award;
  • Calculations for each role – calculating the minimum wage to see where the current salaries sit in comparison.

 Culture Surveys

Employee Engagement and Culture have long been buzz words within the HR space, and for good reason – the culture of a business has a significant impact on staff, productivity, profitability and reputation.

Understand where your culture currently sits and what is needed to maintain or to improve this by having us conduct a Cultural Assessment. The Cultural Survey is both qualitative and quantitative, analysing and measuring engagement with areas ranging from job satisfaction, company satisfaction, Managers and management capability, teamwork, company culture, values and more.

Don’t work hard on your culture only to have this affected by a few, keep on top of what your staff want, need and require and benchmark your culture today!

HR Soundboard

More for your experienced manager, our HR soundboard program allows Managers to have access to discuss anything HR related ranging from implementation of programs, conflict management, underperformance and more.


No matter what the role, let us find the best candidate for the role and your business with our range of recruitment offers. Don’t forget to check out our great packages on the HR Packages page too!


Take the hassle out of recruitment and have us run the whole recruitment process for you (saving you time and stress!).

We will do everything from start to finish such as writing and posting job adverts, screening resumes, phone screening, interviewing, candidate testing (behavioural profiling and aptitude testing) and finally making an offer to the successful candidate.

This option would suit:

  • Those that do not have the time (or inclination) to undertake the full process (which done properly, can extremely time consuming);
  • Want expert advice and testing completed to get the best person possible;
  • Those willing to take the time to find the right person (is not ‘quick fix’ recruitment) as we look at the role strategically.

Recruitment Assistance

If you prefer to run the recruitment process yourself, we can assist you along the way to ensure that you get the best candidate for the role. This can include helping to write job adverts, providing interviewing questions, assisting and sitting in on interviews and conducting aptitude and behavioural profiling and testing.

Psychometric Pre-Employment Testing

A bad hire can cost up to 3 x an employee’s salary. Reduce your risk, have a ‘heads up’ on the type of person you are recruiting and their strengths and developmental areas before they even start with you. Our range of pre-employment tests cover an assessment of an individual’s behavioural preferences as well as cognitive ability. Validate your gut feel, confirm suitability and get the right person for the role!

Assessing skills – i.e. Numerical, abstract, verbal, IQ etc.

Aptitude Testing

Assessing general intelligence and abilities in the area of numeracy, verbal and abstract reasoning can be useful for any recruitment assignment.

Also referred to as aptitude testing, use this type of testing ascertains a candidate’s suitability for the role. Appropriate for any job level from basic, moderate to advanced, these tests will confirm if a candidate meets the required level within each of the three areas for any position.

General Intelligence & Mental Agility

If you want to keep it simple, we can assess general intelligence and mental agility in one simple test completed in 15 minutes. The McQuaig Occupational Test is a quick and easy assessment with questions asked including mathematical and numeric sequences, vocabulary, verbal reasoning, logic and general reasoning.

Assessing personality / behavioural preferences


Every role is different and requires a different set of skills. So how can you be sure that a candidate has the right behaviour pattern to ensure that they are suitable to the job, will take to it naturally and therefore be successful? Easy! – we use McQuaig Job and Word Surveys.

Job Survey

Completed online in less than 15 minutes online, the McQuaig Job Survey will determine the exact behavioural preferences required in the role, presenting you with a profile and report outlining these key traits.

Word Survey

Used in conjunction with the Job Survey, the McQuaig Word Survey will measure an individual’s underlying temperament and behavioural preferences and match to those required in the role – letting you know quickly and easily if they are suitable to the job.

Also completed online in less than 30 minutes, this will be used to determine a candidate’s leadership capabilities, selling style, drivers and indicators of strengths and developmental areas.

Saville Wave Professional Styles – Suits Senior Appointments

This highly accurate and well regarded psychometric test assess 108 personality characterises and delves into competencies and predicted performance. An excellent tool.

Contact us for a quote – it is likely we will package this with other assessments so ring us to find out what suits your unique situation.

Genos – Emotional Intelligent Recruitment Assessment (EIRA)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been identified as one of the number one skills of a successful manager/leader. So why wouldn’t you measure EI for the appointment of your next senior roles?

As a recruitment tool, the Genos EIRA is simple and easy, completed in less than 15 minutes online, it measures how often an individual demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour. The test assists with understanding an employee’s ability to effectively manage and judge their own as well as others emotions. Additionally, it also incorporates and assesses a candidate’s deliberate manipulation and inflation (socially desirable responses) of scores, while also identifying inconsistencies in answers.

Designed specifically for recruitment, the Genos EIRA can create an ideal or success profile for a role, providing a benchmark for candidate’s to be compared with.

Outplacement Services

Not all business decisions are easy and unfortunately redundancies do happen. We have helped many of our clients assist displaced employees by providing tailored and professional outplacement services that help with the transition to new employment.

You can choose just one option, or go ahead and offer them all – our services include:

  • Career Coaching – assessing the preferences and potential careers that suit the individual (using behavioural profiling tools such as the McQuaig Word Survey);
  • Interview Coaching – role playing and coaching on interview techniques;
  • Cover letter and resume reviewing – providing tips and tricks on how to get your resume looking sharp.

Show your support and appreciation, reduce anguish of displaced employees and maintain company morale – get in touch today for a quote!