People Dynamics

“We engaged People Dynamics to assist us to consolidate and enhance a set of incomplete and disparate Policies into a complete, compliant and professional Employee Handbook.  Laura Birley and her assistant handled this engagement in a professional and timely manner and we were thrilled with the outcome.  The business benefits are that all employees are informed of our Policies and this helps us meet our compliance obligations.”

Open Windows
Narelle Johnson, Chief Financial Officer



“Many thanks, you have really helped and made a difference, and I am confident we will use your services again.”

Wittner Shoes
Peter Wittner, CEO



“People Dynamics were instrumental in assisting us with our Human Resources for Vic / Tas pre the National Merger. Not only did they assist with the ongoing maintenance of our HR compliance and documentation, they also were on site weekly to assist managers and staff with any HR related queries. Key tasks included assisting with recruitment, training and coaching. We found Laura and Leisa to be very friendly, capable and professional and we would highly recommend them to organisations as an outsourced HR provider.”

Tony Gleeson, Executive General Manager



“Thank you to you and your team for fantastic support and guidance at very short notice over the past few weeks. Staff have said they really appreciate the support and feel confident about handling any possible challenges.”




“We engaged People Dynamics to undertake a recruitment assignment to replace an outgoing CEO about three years ago.

Laura was already working with us and been assisting with our HR so we felt very confident Laura not only knew our organisation but with her experience and professionalism was able to find the right CEO for us. Laura engaged with the Board and kept all parties informed very well. I was really impressed with her ability to listen to what we were we after and she took the time to make sure she understood this very clearly.

The process undertaken was extremely robust, encompassing and assessing a large range of professional and personal skills to ensure that the successful candidate had the skill and experience to undertake the role’.

I would not hesitate to recommend Laura and her team with any recruitment assignment, particularly at the senior level.”

Australian Sonographers Association
Cain Brockley, Past President of the Board



“We have engaged People Dynamics several times over the last few years to assist us in finding the best candidates possible. Each time we have been very happy with the candidates they presented and those that were brought on board have stayed with us for the long term.

People Dynamics spent time understanding our culture and ensured that the candidate would fit and grow within the team. Our latest recruitment assignment was for an internal HR Manager. We have been delighted with the result, has fitted into our team extremely well and already delivering fantastic results.

I am happy as are the staff! Thank you to Laura and her team for a great effort.”

Tom Garcia, Chief Executive Officer



“McQuaig and feedback from People Dynamics is a must for all current and potential employees as it highlights potential areas for development and coaching.   A great way to create a culture of high performance.  It’s a must for potential employees as McQuaig and the guidance from People Dynamics adds significant value towards better hiring decisions. I have personally been coached by Laura and the guidance has made a significant difference to me personally and as a senior manager. People Dynamics is an excellent partner for companies that view employees  as the most important asset.”

Sanjeeva Pedris, General Manager



“I found the recruitment process run by People Dynamics to be a highly professional, personable and supportive experience. They made an effort to keep me informed along the way and I had an excellent understanding of the role and the organisation from the briefing.

The process was very thorough, with a variety of testing and interviewing. Laura was great to work with; it was clear she really cared about the client and wanted to make sure any appointment was a good fit for both parties.

Laura was open to feedback and we had some interesting conversations about the specific process for my role and recruitment more generally.”

Australian Sonographers Association
Stephen Duns, Current CEO



“We can’t thank Laura and the team enough for helping us find the perfect placement for our business.   Our needs were quite specific and challenging, but you were able to find us excellent candidates to select from. What really impressed us is that you listened to our feedback and adjusted your focus to target the right candidates for our business, but also used your knowledge of the industry to help us understand what we were looking for in the first place! The benefits to our business have been immeasurable since our HR consultant came on board.”

Low Energy Supplies & Services
Andy Paine, Program Manager – Business Improvement



“Again, thank you so much for your wonderful help, support and advice. From the very first meeting that we had with yourself & Jess we felt that you would help to “fix” everything for us. We felt wonderfully supported through a very difficult time. I still can’t believe how quickly everything was completed, and how quickly you were able to have our initial meeting – 5 hours after our first phone call – that’s amazing!”

Airport West Childcare Coop



“Laura, I thought the session was a really good one and you handled it really well. I especially like the way you set the dynamic up so that the attendees believe you are on their side as opposed to being there to tell them they are in the wrong – I think this is the only way to get them to engage. Your style is extremely good and I can understand exactly why our Company Secretary recommended you.”

Gandel Group



“Our recent experience with People Dynamics was a breath of fresh air. We knew we needed help with our recruitment but were disillusioned with traditional fee-for-placement services. The People Dynamics business model of helping and educating us to find our own staff fit our company perfectly. Our staff came away feeling more educated and confident in their ability to effectively recruit staff. The People Dynamics staff were approachable, thorough and generous with their time and expertise. We would recommend People Dynamics to any business that needs a helping hand with recruitment and HR. The money spent with People Dynamics was the smartest investment we have made in a long time.”

Marney King



“Thank you so much for the outstanding job you have done for our company. The work which has been done on our Code of Conduct and Job Outcome Definition has given our business plan a new direction and created a firm foundation for us to base our HR recruitment process upon. I am extremely happy with the result and found your business manner to be engaging and most helpful. The Code of Conduct is a most important document for us as we are dealing with a wide variety of short-term contractors. I am certain we would not have achieved a result anywhere near as effective as this if we had not engaged your efforts and know how.”

Port Phillip Pedi-Cabs



“We were very happy with the code of conduct training People Dynamics delivered to our staff. Their trainers used practical examples and concise language to comprehensively address the multiple facets of this important issue within the workplace.”

James Daffey, L & PD Administrator



“[An external provider] said that our processes and documentation were some of the most professional he has seen and that we are a class act… [this is] a compliment to Laura… who put in the effort to achieve this level of professionalism in this side of the business. Well done and thanks for putting in the effort to achieve and maintain this status.”

FM Innovations



“People Dynamics provide a fantastic service and they are available at every step of the process… (it) has led to an increase in productivity and staff morale as staff can see how important each role is within the business and understands what we are trying to achieve.”

Galaxy Design
Matt Baker, Director



“The whole process has exceeded my expectations and I am really happy with the results. I want to thank all you guys for you help and support and being so easy to work with.”

Ambience Lighting
David Justice, Director



“Really pleased with what we did in the restructure together and thank you for the help in making this all sharper”

Pentana Solutions
Steve Kloss, Chief Executive Officer



“People Dynamics, through a detailed recruitment process, helped us with all the stages in our recruitment and selection of a new Marketing Coordinator. We were after someone who could write on-brand and fit with the culture of our business, and we were very happy with the service and successful candidate that People Dynamics were able to provide”

Trampoline Gelato
Luke Bell, Product & Promotions Manager



“I just wanted to thank you very much for your insightfulness and assistance last week. I really appreciated your help, in what I have found to be an ongoing frustrating situation. Thanks to you, I clearly see the situation in a completely different light.”

Bernadette Burrell, Senior Account Executive



“Thanks again for the help from your company… I don’t know how I could have done this [recruitment] otherwise, as the selection process is a full-time job in itself.”

Ivano Simonetto, Engineering & Product Manager



“Thanks for all your help… it was very comforting, facing some of our issues and developing our workplace during this period, to have knowledgeable and professional people to help. You helped enormously and were charming as well. I am looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with you and your team.”

FM Innovations
Ray Lodge, Technical Director



“Thank you for providing excellent HR services over the past 12 months. I’m confident that the appraisal and incentive systems introduced will bring much value to our business.”

Mike O’Donnell, Managing Director